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The Kentucky Headhunters - June 4, 2024

Wildly apolitical, the Headhunters have always been about spreading the love, the joy, the come together. Whether it was a heavy take on Bill Monroe’s “Walk Softly On This Heart of Mine,” a torqued up read on Cargill Henson’s “Skip-A-Rope,” or a psyche-blues spin on Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit In The Sky,” the Headhunters continue to lift folks up, lighten their load and bring people together.

The Kentucky Headhunters

Doug Phelps – Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar

Greg Martin – Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals

Richard Young – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Fred Young – Drums, Lead Vocals

Confederate Railroad - June 4, 2024

From rowdy country to raw emotion, a Confederate Railroad concert today covers a wide range of feelings. Young people will be there rocking to “Trashy Women”, while their parents and even grandparents will likely be singing along to “Jesus and Mama”. The band plays 100 or so dates each year. Whatever the venue, they are right at home…be it a fair, a club, or a biker show.

Confederate Railroad

Danny Shirley – Lead singer and vocalist

Mo Thaxton – Bass and vocals

Rusty Hendrix – Lead Guitar

Joey Recker – Keyboards and vocals

Nashville North USA - Location


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